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Carrie Kerskie on Identity Theft: “Every two seconds another American becomes a victim”

Carrie Kerskie, Director, Identity Fraud Institute Hodges University

Carrie Kerskie is the director of Hodges University’s Identity Fraud Institute. She leads the field and research in community engagement for identity fraud. Before launching the Institute,  Carrie was a private investigator. Today is a highly sought after speaker she trains and consults on topics such as identity theft fraud and data breach.  She is a regular guest on WINK news, NBC-2 ABC-7, Fox-4, and NPR as well as a contributor to Naples Daily News.

Carrie has presented on identity fraud at more than 200 times including conferences, civic organizations, professional development meetings, and corporate training events. She has created her own credential, the Certified Identity Theft Investigator. In 2015, she was appointed director of the Identity Fraud Institute at Hodges University.

In 2014, Congressman Diaz-Balart lauded Carrie with a Congressional Record for her work on identity theft. In 2015, Carrie was the driving force behind strengthening Florida’s identity theft laws including making business identity theft a crime in the state.

Carrie is THE leader in Identity Fraud awareness and prevention.

Given the ever rising tide of criminals who seek to steal your information, this is  must listen episode.